Me Talk Pretty One Day

41-8iDnSsvL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_It’s been long since I’ve done any book reviews, so I guess it’s about time I did one.

I’m picking this book by David Sedaris , which is a collection of essays based on his own life experiences. I generally write about books, which either fall in the category of Oh-you-CANNOT-afford-to-miss-this-one-out books or FGS-my-4am-assignments-are-better-than-this books. This one falls in neither of those categories. It’s perfectly average and the judgement of humor quotient may vary depending on your taste.

Sylvia Plath once said, ” Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.” For me, this book was exactly one of those. No war story, no crimes, no heartbreaks, no life struggles, no fantasies. It’s just a book telling ordinary stories about super ordinary life, only with some comical touches.
For starters, since it is a “collection of essays”, it did not have to carry the weight of being ‘organized’. It did not necessarily have to put forward a story per se , about the writer’s life. So it takes the full liberty of going from “that one time I taught a writing workshop” to “that one time my cat died” to “that one time I was travelling in Paris and this American couple took me for a pickpocketer” to “that one time I got my IQ checked”. It’s just all random like that.

Despite that, Sedaris did get me laughing a lot of times. His writing is witty, sarcastic and fairly hilarious most of the time. But since it is non-fictional, it may leave an impression of Sedaris looking down on others, while viewing himself as the most important person around. More often than not, I found myself thinking “Oh God, this guy’s got his head in the clouds.” But as long as he keeps you engaged in his impractical fantasies and melodramatic family and work episodes, it’s all fine.

For the past one year, I’ve read some really intense books. This book was sort of a quick light refresh from those stories. If you are looking for something short and something quirky and funny too, then this is the one.



Life Lately …

Life lately has been pretty much upside down with all the Stranger Things happening around, but I’ve gotten used to it.
Was that a pretty pathetic attempt at being funny while opening a blog post , which has been due for an year? …. Okay I get it… you don’t need to answer that!

I see my last post here and I see 22 year old me trying to be all wise and smart and, 23 year old me , right now, is just cringing so hard. But damn that girl was wiser than me, whatever happened to her.

An year later now, I’m out of college, leading a cliched “big-city-big-job-lonely-life” and feeling terrible exhausted, and bored. Good news , I’ve saved up enough money now to make a pilgrimage to holy land of London and see with my own mortal eyes , the holy world of Harry Potter aka WB Studio in all its glory. Bad news, I can not afford to take any leaves from work. Oh yess!! Saddest situation ever!! Plus, my mum wouldn’t let me go alone so…   (I’m just going to ponder on for a while about which excuse sounds sadder than the other)
Anyway, so I was saying … life here is killing me. I remember during my last few days at college, I was starting to get mixed feelings. Of course I was upset, but there was some part of me which constantly screamed NO ASSIGNMENTS NO EXAMS, and that just got me ‘elated’, every single time. And 3 months after that, I forgot what that word felt like. Life has become a constant cycle of work-eat-sleep-repeat and I’m just spinning with it. And not to sound very sentimental and cry-ey about it, most of the time I just pass it with a ‘K Whatever attitude‘ , except on a few days when I come back a bit late from work and I can smell something good cooking while walking past every damn house/flat in my society and I reach my place, stuff my face with cold bread and butter and cry myself to sleep on those nights.
Actually , no that’s not true, I’m just being over dramatic, but you get my point, right? For twenty two years , I’ve lived surrounded with people, and suddenly there’s so much peace and quiet in my life that I just find hard to digest sometimes. (TBH, being an introvert helps a lot but not always). So, to solve that problem, I signed up on some extra courses, and long story short , it’s just more assignments and work life + student life going hand in hand. I don’t know which one I’m doing part time.

But anyway, it’s not sad all the time. I mean I don’t have to think twice anymore if I want to buy something and I get that feeling of being independent, which I just love waking up to everyday.  I’ve also learned to cook a lot of things. And while, I’m still struggling to be a pro at adulting, one thing I’ve definitely learned is to NOT care about people or silly things a lot. Oh wait, is that me throwing shade at someone/something? Or am I just being dramatic again? Hmm…

So that’s enough about career. Moving on, how can I not mention? BOOKS!!
I haven’t read a lot lately, but ALONE IN BERLIN by HANS FALLADA? Man, that book gave me chills. That’s another addition to my favorite Nazi themed novels. Just a fun fact, this masterpiece was written in 22 days. 22 DAYS!?!?!! I mean you really really have to read it to know how good it is. If you’re into reading, better get your hands on it ASAP! If you’re not, well… you have my sympathy.
I’m also trying to finish Cosmos by Carl Sagan and Made In America by Bill Bryson, since foreverrr, but something about non-fiction, it just takes me soooo long!! Oh and I also finally read Catch-22, and I know I’m so late to the club, BUT WHAT A FIVE STAR BOOK THOUGH! *Tosses it on my pile of favorite books*. There might be around 10 , maybe 12, books more, but I can’t think of anything to specially mention.

I can’t think of anything to add more now.
I would tell you about the time when I cut my feet with glass and just went to sleep leaving it bleeding like that because I’m clumsy and ignorant like that (Ha! Talk about adulting), or maybe that time when I felt so heartbroken for Cassini, a spacecraft’s, self destruction that I ranted about its ‘suicide’ for half an hour over call to my brother because I become an emotional mess sometimes, but those stories are much too random and much too long to accommodate in this post. So much… SO MUCH has happened in this past one year, that I just can’t pick my favorite stories to tell. Should I mention those about my travels, or about my work or all the random batshit crazy experiences I’ve had? *pulls out my 2017 journal, looks at the number of pages, keeps it back*. Maybe some other time guys. I’m just going to end this here.
And I’ll leave you with a song I’m listening to right now…

Have a good night/day, if you’re reading this.



Walking Mundanity

Summer 2016, Sunday morning, 11:00 am, forget about the whole post, I’m still stuck thinking about what my next line would be. Because hey, walking mundanity, that is my life. And I friggin’ love it!

Straight out of the first year of MBA, or what I like to call, the grinding year, that sucked my soul like an ugly dementor. Not that dementors are beautiful, anyway, and definitely not kissable… but you get the point, right? So here I landed in apparently, one-of-the-most-happening-cities of my country, as the children these days call it (What can I say, I’m an old soul), for my internship. And I don’t challenge that title because it is the most happening, if 1. you like trekking (which is not possible in this season unless you wear a fire proximity suit… but that would be really uncomfortable to go trekking in, I reckon) or 2. if you like to drink. A lot. Which is something that doesn’t interest me. But despite that, I’m loving it here SO MUCH!

One, I’m alone. Two, I’M ALONE!
I mean I’ve never been this independent in my entire life. Sure, it gets boring sometimes. And I’ve had my fair share of I-want-to-go-home moments. But then, these are the two months which I’ll never forget. If you’ve still not understood why I’m so happy with my life here, I’ll set a scene for you. Books, loads of food OF MY CHOICE, HELL LOT OF SLEEP, aimlessly roaming around the city, hours of binge watching,  hours of uninterrupted day dreaming, and…the best thing.. there’s no one to question. Oh and internship? Well, it’s all good. Demands me to work only about 12-15 hours a week, that too on a field job in marketing. So much exposure and so much learning in such few hours. I couldn’t ask for more. This is perfect.

So long-story-short, I’m having the time of my life here. Which is soon going to end, in about half a month. And I’m trying to make the most of every single day. Books to finish, places to visit, restaurants to dine in, TV shows to watch and shop , shop, shop , before it’s all over and I’m once again caught up in the busy life of assignments and tests.

So that’s all about what I’ve lately been up to.

Stay tuned for some book reviews, maybe some artworks, and random rants about random stuff.


Reading Harry Potter makes you a better person…

… and I’m not saying this because I’ve loved these books for more than half of my life or because I’m so emotionally attached to this series. I’m saying this because it actually does. I’ve always said that I can blindly trust anyone who has grown up reading these books. And I’m really glad that a research actually proved that Harry Potter lovers are usually more accepting and tolerant in general than others. (Actually that’s just the tip of an iceberg. In addition to that, it has made us much much MUCH more than that.) 
2014-09-03 23.35.39mmm
This was in the news last sunday and it has been doing rounds on all social medias since last week, and I thought, being a potterhead, it was only fair that it should be on my blog too, because, honestly, this book has shaped half of my ideas and perspectives about world and life in general. 

And this is also an answer to all those people who have never read these books and have always looked at it as just another ‘fairytale for kids’ and who ask me why I ‘still’ love it. I would just like to say this… pick it up and know for yourself. 

Nothing much for me to say in this. It pretty much speaks for itself. You can also read about it here or here. Or just google it, it’s everywhere. 😉




Why I Hate Chetan Bhagat And His Books

I have never talked about it so openly. But it was only about time. Yes, I admit. I don’t like his books. And to an extent, him too.

Before I start, here’s an introduction to his upcoming book which speaks for itself on how BRILLIANT a writer he is.

“Once upon a time, there was a Bihari boy called Madhav. He fell in love with a girl called Riya. Madhav didn’t speak English well. Riya did. Madhav wanted a relationship. Riya didn’t. Riya just wanted friendship. Madhav didn’t. Riya suggested a compromise. She agreed to be his half-girlfriend.”

Brilliant, right? That’s why thousands are already pre-ordering his next book just on the basis of these AMAZING lines.

If you don’t see the problem yet, read on.

To be honest with you all, I have never actually read any of his books entirely. I started with One Night At The Call Center and The Three Mistakes Of My Life but I couldn’t get past 25 pages or so. Not because it wasn’t my ‘taste’, as some would call it, but because it was utter trash. And I have no intention of picking up any of his books in future too. I have read enough to know that I can never like his work. And the fact that everyone likes his books so much is truly beyond my understanding. It’s so saddening to know what taste the youth of our country has when it comes to books, where writers like him are the best sellers.

I’m not saying that don’t read his works. Everyone has a choice and you are most welcome to read whatever you like. My concern is not that people love his books, but that his books are the books that people love BEST. And a lot of people argue that Chetan Bhagat has woken up a whole new generation of readers, who otherwise, wouldn’t have picked up a book in their lifetimes. But let’s face it. What good is it doing to anyone to read the kind of books that he writes? What I’ve noticed most is that the people who adore his books, never really grow out of it. It’s like they have developed an interest in reading, but it’s unfortunately limited to that type and that type alone, which includes the likes of Of Course I love You, Till I find Someone Better or Now That You’re Rich, Let’s Fall In Love by Durjoy Dutta or a ton of other works by young adult writers who have made their ways into the bookshelves of most of the Indian youth by penning down the cheesy rants of their own love lives. And when you think about it, how is it even helping us to develop . I understand that not all books are meant to be constructive and that we are entitled to a light read too. But what if it is all most people around you like to read and appreciate. I’m not against romantic books, it’s just that all of these books I’m talking about have, more or less, the same old monotonous plots. A plot which has love, heartbreak, a story based around social media (because come on, it speaks to us, doesn’t it?), couple of sensual descriptions, maybe throw in a bit of college life too, and there! You have it! A perfect bestseller!

Now coming back to why I don’t like Chetan Bhagat, it’s not because he’s a best-selling writer who writes shitty books or definitely not because he’s successful or that he’s making millions with his stories which ‘connect’. In fact, good for him that he’s achieved so much with so little talent of storytelling. I don’t like him because whatever little I know about him,  he never came across as a rational person to me. His Sunday articles in TOI, never being even close to as good as you’d expect from a bestselling author. His latest one, “A five step programme may help a tottering Congress party recover”, suggesting points like ‘Rahul should say sorry‘ and that ‘they should tell us how things will be different‘ and ‘to pick on the shortcomings of the new government‘. These are literally 3 out of 5 points. Now look me in the eyes and tell me what a GENIUS he is. And another instance when he wrote that article which was ‘meant’ to be women empowering. To quote exactly what he wrote:

“Can you imagine life without the ladies? There would be body odour, socks on the floor and nothing in the fridge to eat. The entertainment industry would die.”

Oh wow! Is that supposed to make us feel empowered that this world would fall apart, if we don’t cook food or pick after men or entertain them? Is that supposed to make us feel proud and good about ourselves to know that, according to him, this is all we are meant for?

I understand that he may have meant it in the best interest and that he encourages equality. But then again, it all comes down to choice of words and how you express it, an understanding which eludes him. And these are just a couple of instances. Don’t even get me started on his entire articles. Not to mention his constant mindless blabbering on twitter like when he tweeted “The rupee is asking, is there no punishment for my rapists.” or when he tweeted “In Slumdog Millionaire, a chaiwallah won the top prize. The world loved that story. Remember that.”, pointing to our PM. Not something you’d expect from a ‘top writer’ of our country. Would you? But there he is. Known as India’s Best Storyteller. Now recognized in the same league as Vikram Seth, R.K.Narayan, Aravind Adiga, Amitav Ghosh, etc. Such a shame!