Reading Harry Potter makes you a better person…

… and I’m not saying this because I’ve loved these books for more than half of my life or because I’m so emotionally attached to this series. I’m saying this because it actually does. I’ve always said that I can blindly trust anyone who has grown up reading these books. And I’m really glad that a research actually proved that Harry Potter lovers are usually more accepting and tolerant in general than others. (Actually that’s just the tip of an iceberg. In addition to that, it has made us much much MUCH more than that.) 
2014-09-03 23.35.39mmm
This was in the news last sunday and it has been doing rounds on all social medias since last week, and I thought, being a potterhead, it was only fair that it should be on my blog too, because, honestly, this book has shaped half of my ideas and perspectives about world and life in general. 

And this is also an answer to all those people who have never read these books and have always looked at it as just another ‘fairytale for kids’ and who ask me why I ‘still’ love it. I would just like to say this… pick it up and know for yourself. 

Nothing much for me to say in this. It pretty much speaks for itself. You can also read about it here or here. Or just google it, it’s everywhere. 😉





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