Breaking Bad


“Just get me home and I’ll do the rest.”

I managed to finish this show last Wednesday and waited all week for the weekend, to sit down and write a post on how perfect it was.
It was as perfect as it possibly could be. Actually, a little more than that.

To all you Breaking Bad viewers, who couldn’t take your minds off of this show for a period of 2013, whether you stayed with it for 5 years or whether you binge watched it in a week, who started the show rooting for Walt, then rooted for Hank or Jessie for a brief period and finally Walt again in the finale, who still can’t help but say ‘ Yeah! Science Bitch!’ every time something scientific happens, who still feel disturbed by the fact that it’s over, and who still get that empty feeling knowing there will never be another episode, I feel you. I feel you all.

And well, when I say it was perfect, i don’t mean just the finale but the entire show, with all it’s sudden twists and turns, going from normal to crazy to bloody genius in seconds. When the show started, who would have thought where this story of a middle class cancer stricken school teacher with limited means who has  turned into a meth cook and has broken bad for good, would lead to. But as the show went on, it turned out to be a Pandora’s box, unraveling the devil, leaving us all in utter amazement as the bodies piled up at every lag of the show. I, for one, didn’t see that coming when I began it, to be honest.tumblr_ll09jmdvIn1qfp0hlo1_500-4036

But anyway, coming back to the finale, I think Vince Gilligan did a brilliant job on it. Not only did he answer all the unanswered questions and wrapped up the story immaculately, he also picked up every lose end and tied it into a beautiful bow. But I reckon that the finale wasn’t just the final episode, but all the last three episodes, where we get an idea of how Walt could have ended up in three different ways. One, where his two lives cross and create a bloody mess and where he likely could have ended up behind bars. Two, living in hiding, sick, alone, forsaken in a bleakly desolated place waiting for his inevitable death. And three, where he comes back with a bang, like the devil he is, and kills every last person who deserved this fate. And no doubt, Vince left the best one for the last. The machine gun shootout scene was definitely a mindblower, and absolutely unexpected. And he proved that he isn’t called the devil for nothing, being not just ruthless but an extraordinary prodigy, by single handedly bombarding a room full of his adversaries, or to say ‘zero handedly’ bombarding them, technically. And leaving everyone just speechless with an expression of “What. The. Hell. Just. Happened?”

In the end, as Badfinger’s Baby Blue kicks in, “Guess I got what I deserved”, he lies there, in the meth lab, surrounded by all the big steel machineries which made him feel ‘alive’, having freed Jessie, having made sure that his family is provided for and having redeemed himself in every way possible and being content with where he was and this was how he wanted to go. This was exactly the end this legendary show deserved.

This show has definitely raised the bar for tv shows, by going on an unconventional and never before explored path of story telling. Respect to Vinve Gilligan, the mastermind, Bryan Cranston for being the perfect Heisenberg and Aaron Paul for playing emotional, angry, moody and a freakish meth head Jessie who despite of all, was an adorable charachter all along and all the other ones, who were just so fit for their roles and contributed in making this show an unforgettable one in every way.



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